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Sussex Police holds first Business Crime Day of Action

Sussex Police’s work to encourage businesses to report crime to enable us to catch prolific offenders was one of the focuses at the county’s first Business Crime Day of Action.

The force’s Business Crime Team set up last year works to support this approach with local Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs).

 The day of action on 7 July included officers visiting various shops and businesses across the county to offer crime prevention advice, discuss any issues and problems and to highlighting the importance of reporting issues so the unit can have a better understanding of the volume, location and identity of offenders. They were joined by the Sussex Police Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne who visited three businesses.

During the day a man was arrested for a series of thefts in Worthing and another man was arrested and later charged with seven outstanding shoplifting offences.

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said: “The county’s first Business Crime Day of Action has seen local policing teams visiting businesses across Sussex, offering advice and reassurance and demonstrating how these crimes are being taken seriously.

“I went to locations in Haywards Heath, Shoreham and Worthing and was delighted to meet with business managers, shop workers and retail assistants who gave me first-hand accounts of what they need to feel more supported by Sussex Police. We discussed how our ‘quicker reporting’ pilot is already giving police a richer picture of the volume of crimes being committed in participating stores and how this has resulted in arrests of prolific offenders and a doubling of solved rates.  We also looked at how to implement Shop Watch schemes and improve visible policing in our shopping centres and high streets.

“I was very pleased to be part of the day of action and meet some of the local police officers helping to protect businesses against shoplifters and prevent assaults on shopworkers. Our focus on tackling business crime in Sussex continues to go from strength to strength.”

To see the full story, please click on the link or go to our website. 



Burglary / Vehicle Crime 

Augusta Place, Worthing – at approximately 7am 19th July, males seen breaking into a property, officers attended and one person was arrested. Cad 0025 19/07/22. 

Shelley Road, Worthing – at approximately 330hrs 19th July, a male was seen in a flat by the owner, then he climbed back out of the window. No property was taken. Officers were assigned and a search of the area was made. Cad 0203 19/07/22. 

Freehold Street, Shoreham – between 1530hrs and 2200hrs 20th July, entry was made to a ground floor flat via an insecure window. A tablet and other items were stolen. Officers attended and one person was arrested. Cad 1516 20/07/22. 

St Marys Residential Home, Westbrook, Worthing – approximately 0300hrs 19th July, entry made via an insecure kitchen window and a handbag was stolen from the staffroom. Cad 0055 19/07/22. 

Christchurch Road, Worthing - at approximately 0300hrs 19th July, a property was entered and an iPhone and some jewellery was stolen. Cad 1153 19/07/22. 

Christchurch Road, Worthing - between 1100hrs 22nd July and 0200hrs 23rd July, a garage was entered and a pedal cycle was stolen. No damage was caused to the garage door. Cad 0156 23/07/22. 

Christchurch Road, Worthing – between 2145hrs 18th July and 0715hrs 19th July, items were stolen from a vehicle, no damage caused. Cad 0462 19/07/22. 

Madeira Avenue, Worthing – at approximately 0250hrs 23rd July, an attempt was made to enter a property, no entry was gained and nothing was stolen, damage was caused to the doorframe and door. Cad 0208 23/07/22. 

Bath Road, Worthing – between 2230hrs 22nd July and 0900hrs 23rd July, a ground floor insecure kitchen window was entered and an Acer Swift Notebook was stolen. Cad 1417 24/07/22. 

Woodlea Road, West Tarring – between 2300hrs 20th July and 0645hrs 21st July entry was made via an insecure rear door, car keys and one BMW and one Mercedes were stolen. Cad 0267 21/07/22. 

Newland Road, Worthing – between 1700hrs 17th July and 0745hrs 18th July, a card holder containing financial cards was stolen from an insecure vehicle. Cad 0644 21/07/22. 

Lyndhurst Road, Worthing – at approximately 0300hs 20th July, two vehicles had their windows broken believe to steal from within, nothing reported stolen at this time. Cad 0151 20/07/22. 

Lavington Road, West Tarring – between 2030hrs 20th July and 0655hrs 21st July, a Seat Leon was stolen. Cad 0296 21/07/22. 

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